Moved On… to blogger.

New blog @ It’s Coders Life

I started blogging just to explore things in life, to understand how things work and how people make a living out of it. I have written various personal blogposts, technical posts. Tried various blogging platforms.

Now I am at a juncture in life where I want take this to next level. While wordpress gives the best themes and editors but needs some initial investment to start a living out of it. Hence I am moving to blogger where helps my situation with zero initial investment.

I will definitely be back to wordpress. Until then please do follow itscoderslife @ blogger.

Happy coding.


Hello world ();

Hi (welcome)

This is a programming blog;
Here I planning to share my programming tips and tricks which I learn;

// Learning game programming now
Basically I share Mac / iPhone app and game development;
And currently want to learn development on Androids;

So I hope this new journey will be exciting.