10 rules (part 2) for happier self

Having your self a part time hobby or goal enriches your self and increases productivity both in your regular day job as well as personal life. Here are the 10 tips to achieve it.

-= Tim Ferriss’s 10 rules =- (as I understand)
1. Have other interests – apart from day job do something different of your interest
2. Scratch your own itch – continued from point 1, add your creativity in hobby projects
3. Learn the art of the pitch – I think this a develop art of storytelling
4. Focus on your strengths – strengthen what you are best at along with improving weakness
5. Be able to sell – similar to point 3, work on your communications
6. Ideas are worth nothing – try to realise your thoughts plans into actions
7. Pick the right things to do – prioritise and work on what is needed now
8. Be pragmatically pessimistic – don’t be overly optimistic/pessimistic (hope for the best, prepare for the worst)
9. Have a focused metric – evaluate and re-evaluate your goals vs accomplishments
10. Use failure to help you – learn from your mistakes

I think these are simple things easier said than done. Takes persistence to put this into practice and make it into your inevitable part of life.

This is another post on same lines of my previous post. Just jolting it down for future me and for anyone reading this. Got this one from another video.

10 Rules (part 1) for Success in anything

Came across this video and when I analysed my day I do most of the stuff but also miss out on the key stuff. So thought of penning it down in a blog.

-= TIM FERRISS’S 10 RULES =- (as I understood)
1. Ask great questions – questions which actually makes an impact and whose answers really of some value
2. Start small – anything you start, do it with baby steps but be consistent
3. Be focused – dont get distracted
4. Unplug and reset – re-evaluate every now and then
5. Accept the collateral damage – (not sure exactly what damage – may be Sacrifices)
6. Try the Five Minute Journal method – make this either a morning or evening routine
7. Schedule your time – limit your time for social media, mails, everything necessary
8. Get feedback – start and get your stuff into hands of few people first for feedback
9. Simplify – anything in life must be done in the simplest possible way
10. Do AcroYoga – I would say start with basic yoga make it a routine and then advanced

-= BONUS =-
i. View problems as opportunities – take up, face it and deliver
ii. Find your diehard fans – true admirers, well wishers, fans give back
iii. Create space for creativity – allot some time for your creative brain.