Things to tick off in 2019

With 2018 ending on a high note I want to make 2019 even better. With that in mind and also taking into consideration of becoming a parent (which literally means less time) I needed a set of most important things to be accomplished in 2019.

This list is still in works but I have figured out what is needed for at least the first month to a quarter or two:

  • Build complete solutions or components for a bigger solution
  • Build a web app using Spring framework
  • Refresh on Java, its collections usages
  • Dive into React for the web (not for mobile)
  • Refresh data structures and related algorithms
  • More understanding of design patterns and principles

Other things which spans across the whole year are:

  • Build my own WordPress site & start hosting
  • Complete my Github profile page
  • More blogging monthly twice or weekly once
  • More streaming
  • Start podcasting – create themes or series of episodes
  • Vlog on things I have learned weekly or fortnightly or monthly

Looking forward to an amazing 2019.

2018 in review

2018 was very good for me in all aspects of my life. I learnt so many new tech stuff. My financial goals were achieved more than what i thought and during the last quarter I got promoted as a father of beautiful human being.

Here is my list of things I achieved on 2018 on the career front.

  • Learnt Angular js – built a small front-end app
  • Built couple of basic Android apps as part of a course
  • Started with basics of Machine Learning (Statistics)
  • Enhanced my swift programming skills
  • Back on macOS native application development
  • Refreshed my C++ skills updated on C++11, 14, 17 standards

From a extra-curricular things,

  • I started streaming my side project works.
  • Started a youtube channel
  • Planned for a podcast channel but did not make effort to work it out
  • Working on my communications
  • Started read eBooks on Kindle and iBook
  • Kept this blog live on an average of 50+ visitors per month

From a health and fitness side,

  • Started doing yoga though not consistent but weekly 3-4 days
  • Learnt Sudarshan Kriya from Art of Living

Hopefully I will exceed this list for 2019 and stick to my plan to explore paths which I haven’t traveled yet.